Techniques and Tools in Private Investigation

Private investigation is a field that demands precision, discretion, and the use of advanced techniques and tools to gather accurate information. SA Mercantile Investigation Services are local private investigators in Adelaide. we pride ourselves on employing the latest methods and technologies to ensure our clients receive the most reliable results. Here, we explore some of the key techniques and tools we use in our investigations.

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Surveillance Techniques

Surveillance is a cornerstone of private investigation. It involves monitoring a subject’s activities to gather evidence and understand their behavior. At SA Mercantile Investigation Services, our team is skilled in various surveillance techniques:

  • Static Surveillance: This involves monitoring a location from a fixed position. Our investigators stay concealed and observe the subject’s activities, often using vehicles or other cover to remain undetected.
  • Mobile Surveillance: When the subject is on the move, our investigators follow them to observe their actions. This requires excellent driving skills and the ability to remain inconspicuous while maintaining visual contact with the subject.

Infrared / Night Vision Cameras

Gathering evidence doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Infrared and night vision cameras are essential tools in our arsenal, allowing us to conduct surveillance in low-light or no-light conditions. These cameras use infrared technology to capture clear images and videos, ensuring that we don’t miss any crucial activity regardless of the time of day.

Covert Surveillance

In many cases, the success of an investigation hinges on the ability to conduct surveillance without the subject’s knowledge. Covert surveillance is a technique that involves using discreet methods and equipment to monitor a subject’s activities. This might include hidden cameras, undercover vehicles, or investigators blending into the environment. The goal is to gather evidence without alerting the subject, which could compromise the investigation.

Background Checks and Record Searches

Understanding the history and background of an individual is often crucial in private investigations. Background checks and record searches are techniques we use to uncover relevant information about a subject. This process might include:

  • Criminal Record Checks: To determine if the subject has any past criminal activity.
  • Employment History Verification: To confirm the subject’s job history and qualifications.
  • Financial Background Checks: To assess the subject’s financial stability and identify any potential red flags.

Database Searches

In the digital age, much of the information we seek is stored in various databases. Our investigators have access to a wide range of proprietary and public databases, enabling us to gather comprehensive data on subjects. These searches can provide insights into:

  • Property Records: To uncover ownership and transaction history.
  • Social Media Activity: To gather information on the subject’s online presence and interactions.

Skip tracing

Skip tracing is a specialized technique used by private investigators to locate individuals who have gone missing or are intentionally avoiding detection. At SA Mercantile Investigation Services in Adelaide, our experienced team employs a combination of investigative skills, advanced technology, and access to extensive databases to track down individuals.

Why Choose SA Mercantile Investigation Services?

At SA Mercantile Investigation Services, we understand that no single technique can provide all the answers. That’s why we combine multiple methods and tools to build a complete picture. For example, surveillance might be supplemented with background checks to verify the subject’s activities and associations, while covert surveillance ensures that our presence remains undetected.

Our commitment to using the latest techniques and tools sets us apart as Adelaide’s leading private investigators. We continually update our methods to stay ahead of technological advancements and ensure that our investigations are thorough and accurate.

Whether you need surveillance, background checks, or detailed database searches, SA Mercantile Investigation Services is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you with your investigative needs.

By leveraging these advanced techniques and tools, we provide our clients with the reliable, accurate information they need to make informed decisions. If you’re in need of expert private investigation services in Adelaide, trust SA Mercantile Investigation Services to deliver the results you need with professionalism and discretion.