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Here are some frequently asked questions!

What can be repossessed?2023-06-29T11:14:32+09:30

Anything that is in arrears which has a financial interest from a bank or finance company (usually 3 months of arrears) ie cars ,trucks, boat, house.

What is involved in field calls?2023-06-29T11:17:18+09:30

A field call is attending an address in an effort to speak and interview a person to confirm the current address, employment details, and the location of an asset, usually in relation to a debt or for a legal matter.

What is Skip Tracing?2023-06-29T11:18:41+09:30

Usually part of the investigations industry where a company or business is attempting to contact a person that is no longer at their last known address.

What is process serving?2023-06-29T11:19:53+09:30

It is the activity of delivering and, most often, handing official court documents or legal documents to a person or representative of a company.

What do mercantile agents do?2024-05-08T15:14:35+09:30

Mercantile Agents make contact with a customer in relation to a debt, liaise between a debtor and a finance company.